Ole, Steve and Dave's
Most Excellent Adventure

- The Castle Mountain Run - 
August 12, 2000

The Road  The Scenic Mountains The Rockies The Witch

This tale began on a Saturday morning, August 12, 2000 to be more precise. Three Alaska men, two 4WD rigs and a thirst for adventure made up our party. We carried tools of steel - hatchets, picks, shovels, hammers and chisels - for it were fossils and gold we be lookin' fer. But the real adventure was in the ride to Castle Mountain. Even Disney couldn't create the thrills and spills we found that day.

Dave follows the Jeep


Ole thinks he can make it


We had walkie-talkies. The Jeep was in the lead and it seemed wise to warn Dave of hazards. After all, the ride so far had been a constant source of bumps, bruises and crashes. In fact, where was Dave? We hadn't seen him for a while. Ole grabs his handset, "Dave, Dave, can you hear us?"  <static noise> "Dave, Dave, are you all right?" <static noise> Alarmed, I looked at Ole. Ole raises an eyebrow and grabs the mike. "Dave, would you PLEASE stop making static noises into the radio?!"

Dave replies, "OK, OK! I just stopped to change CDs!"


Just follow the ruts, Dave. Actually, no choices here.

How deep is the water? 2 inches or 2 feet?

Around every corner is a quick decision

Down the hill, across the creek, up the hill


The worst damage was a bent skid plate (how did that happen?) that required a little roadside modification to allow the drive shaft to spin again.

We figured we averaged a good 4MPH. However, we did not find any areas good for fossil hunting. Maybe on the next trip.