Steve Goes to Los Angeles
Reason: Computer Class, but ...

- No pictures of that! - 
September 11-15, 2000

Sometimes business takes one away from, but on your wife's birthday? Ouch! At least the hotel was nice. The side trip to the La Brae tar pits fulfilled a life-long desire. I wanted to see that place since I first read about it in grade school. Oh, yeah. I think I learned a lot in the computer class.

This was the view east from my hotel window at the Radisson Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. When the smog lifted (it wasn't bad here) I could see the HOLLYWOOD on the far hill.

Well, you didn't expect me to call it a mountain, did you?


The best part of the trip was the visit to the La Brae tar pits. The guide pointed out that the word "tar" was inappropriate. The tarry sludge that added the special aromatic sensation was really asphalt. We were  actually standing on an active oil field that is currently mined by oil pumps disguised in nearby buildings designed to appear as A1 office space.


No actual mammoths were harmed in the making of this picture.

Oil is drawn into the tree and oozes out the bark. Really.

Mastodon, camel and a sloth on the SlimFast plan.

Mighty Mammoth. Tusks are about ten feet long.

Current dig. Liquid oil is seepage from sides.

Bones uncovered from highway style asphalt