Popular Pumpkin Mangled by Malicious Moose!

ANCHORAGE, AK The quiet, peaceful suburban neighborhood in Kilkenny Circle awoke shocked and dismayed Tuesday morning to the wanton rampage inflicted by a marauding moose. 
Popular Pumpkie

After the attack
The cheerful, friendly pumpkin known as "Pumpkie" to the local children was found mangled, disfigured and unable to speak in his own behalf. "He'll be scarred forever!" mourned Pumpkie's life-long friend, Steve Jordan. 

Neighbor Dale Tyree ruefully added, "Pumpkie has been such a beloved part of our community. He was definitely going places. Now ... now I just don't know."

Police were on the scene within minutes of the 911 distress call. Anchorage Police Department SWAT members cut off nearby escape routes and closed in. The moose may have been crazy, but he wasn't stupid as he eluded police for hours by posing in the next door neighbor's trophy room.

The moose was tranquilized and transported by an Army "Huey" helicopter and released to an area of Alaskan wilderness known to be free of pumpkins.

Concerned citizens can send their donations to the Pumpkie Plastic Surgery Foundation c/o Steve Jordan, 2534 Kilkenny Cr. Anchorage, AK 99504. Cash only, please.

Crime Scene
Below are the pumpkins carved in 2002:

by day ...

by night ...

Pumpkins age, too!