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Volume X, No. 1 - December, 2001

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Pummeled Pumpkin

Miata in the Chugach

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Welcome to tenth issue of The Greatland Gossip, one of the best newsletters to have ever seen the bottom of a parrot! This is our third year of electronic publication in which the newsletter is created and posted on the internet. In the upper right hand corner you will find the links to the other three pages. If you feel like writing back, send us an email at

Our big news items are sending Brett off to college, building a shed and a trip to Las Vegas. We saw red northern lights, a meteor shower and were visited by a spaceman. Its all in this issue of The Greatland Gossip. Have fun and a happy holiday season.

Our new shed was a father and son project. It was one way to have your son in a captive audience mode right before he leaves for college. It was another way to get some high quality help building a shed. We took pictures along the way and posted them so folks could watch the progress (like anyone cared!) and that made it more fun. 

Here's a snap shot of our Christmas lights. The J is for Joy to the World, I think.

Visitors from Space Return 10 Years Later

Long time readers of the The Greatland Gossip may remember the story run in December, 1991 entitled, UFOs from Deep Space Visit 5701 College Drive. That was a true story. This summer, another visit took place and our intrepid photographer snapped this enthralling picture! Notice the inferno of death in the lower left hand corner. The hornets never knew what hit them! Fortunately, the alien was only seeking to destroy our intelligent life forms.

We want you to die!