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Volume X, No. 1 December, 2001

2001 Christmas Issue

Page 2

The Men in my Life

Mom at Brett's graduation

Mom, Bj in Las Vegas

Mom in the arms of her Main Man

Jane sends you sweet blessings of the season

Once we survived the last semester until Brett's graduation from high school, it actually got strangely quiet around here.  (That is, until Steve started building a shed in the back yard.  The neighbors are impressed, they want to know when we are going to start renting it out.)  Bjorn was only here for a week in June, and then he was back working in Idaho, and Brett was on an exchange trip to Germany for five weeks.  Upon his return, we really enjoyed the Bartlett American Legion Baseball season, because we knew things wouldn't ever be the same.  Now that the holidays are here the past summer time seems a long way off.  Our kids are gone and two fine young men are here in their place.  But they still raid the refrigerator in the same way.

The work at UAA has been very busy and I have been filling in for the church secretary for two months this fall. I served pie at the church bazaar in November, and this event was a particularly charming and comfortable day this year.  Unfortunately my mother was too ill with pneumonia to enjoy the traditional day.  She recovered and I promptly caught the flu bug and was out for three weeks.  I am grateful to finally be over it and able to relax with friends and family.
Krispy Kreme in Las Vegas

Jane pretties up the horizon...

"Hot" Babes in Las Vegas!

Shelley and Jane mug it up

Brett thanks his Grandma for his beautiful graduation present quilt


We wish you all the best, and give all the people around you a hug!