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Volume X, No. 1, December, 2001

2001 Christmas Issue

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My basketball website has been very busy. To date, we have had 600,000 visitors. Many of them send me email. The fun part is that the email comes from all over the world, English speaking or not. Some email I need to translate on-line. It really makes you feel in touch with everyone everywhere.

This was taken in May...
The picture, not the car.

The spring was really snowy. Check out my frozen convertible. The kids had to play their first baseball games in the snow. Really! Below, Brett is playing, 15 snowflakes to the right.

Steve's News and the Sports Stuff

All in all, it's been a pretty good year. I still have a job and I get to coach basketball with kids I really like, so life is good. I really miss my boys, though, while they are at school. Like many, many things, it's just like my mom said it would be. Its just taken me 30 years to better understand my parents.

A lot has happened, so I'll just cruise through this chronologically. In January, Brett and I celebrated our birthdays together again. They are only five days apart. And then, there's Grandma Hazel's birthday... and Shelley's ... and David's ... all that and the Super Bowl, too. Its a busy month!

18 plus 48 equals many candles ... !

I was named as the head coach for the Bartlett Boys C Team Basketball Team which I took as quite an honor. I enjoyed working as an assistant to Steve Stansbury for two years, but after the experience of being the head coach, I must say I love that role. The age group that I coach (9th and 10th graders) is the best. The kids are really coachable and full of enthusiasm and are willing to learn something. Its the age (for boys, anyway) right before they decide they know everything.

Anyway, my crew was really inexperienced, so we lost several of our early games. That was painful. But, once they learned to play and trust each other, we started winning. We won 8 of our last 9 games. The last five victories were decided by one basket. The excitement we shared is hard to describe. I felt as nervous as any coach could feel.

In the spring, I coached many of the same kids in a 6 week BCI league. The kids took third and we had a lot of fun.

During the summer, we went to Brett's baseball games, except for the six week gap in the middle of the summer while he was in Germany. His high school team did very well. Brett showed how well a pitcher with control can do by holding his opponents to under one earned run per game, the best in the league. He couldn't have done that without his teammates who were much improved over recent years. At the end of the summer, in the American Legion season, Bartlett finished second in state. Nobody could remember how long it had been since the kids went that far.

I took a business trip to Reno in May. That's right, a business trip. It was a network security conference and I was due for some training. I actually went to all my classes. I spent the next weekend in Las Vegas with Jane, Marguerite and Mark. Then, I flew to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Phillip's headquarters for more training. For entertainment, I went to watch some softball, and guess what? They needed a player so I got to play in a doubleheader. Lots of fun, but I later needed two cortisone shots to repair my throwing arm.

Before Brett left for college, we built a new shed. It is featured on the front page of our newsletter. It was fun having Brett to help and talk to for hours. I feel proud of it. I also built a small deck next to the shed.

My basketball team this year is looking good. We're not playing good yet, but we will. I couldn't ask for a better bunch. Sometimes I wish I could be 15 and playing ball with them, they're that fun to coach. We lost our first game, 52-50 and won the next 55-49.