Arndt Family Reunion in Las Vegas

Ah, what a wonderful trip! We joined Bruce and Hazel Arndt, Mark and Marguerite Iverson, and Fred and Julie Arndt (who came up from Arizona) for a week in the luxurious Bellagio Hotel. Clovis and Harriet Roberts flew down with us and stayed at Ballys.

Grandpa Bruce said after his first day there, "Well, I'm glad I came and saw it, but I'm not coming back!" Well, after his fifth day there, he said, "Next time, maybe we should stay here!" as he eyed the girls at the Venetian. He enjoyed improved mobility thanks to the heat. The temperatures were otherwise oppressive, hovering around 116 degrees. Yep, that's 50 degrees hotter than here in Alaska.

Grandma Hazel tried her hand at the slot machines. It was fun until she didn't get her nickels back. Uh oh. You don't mess with Grandma Hazel.

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Here are some pictures Steve took.

The view from our room ... not only beautiful, but also away from the fountain show and the constant Italio-tunes every 15 minutes on the other side of the hotel. The view south from our room. Yeah, it was hot out there.
Family poses in the Bellagio atrium Where's Clovis... again?
No, the water isn't spewing from Jane's head. This was taken from the moving walkway that heads to Ceasar's. If you want to leave Ceasar's, you must walk in the heat. It's always easier to get in than out.

At right, Jane relaxes at the Flamingo Hotel courtyard.
Breakfast at Palio's - the best way to start the day. Our room wasn't quite ready at Ceasar's...