May 2005 Visit to Las Vegas and Coeur d'Alene

We had a very fun trip to Las Vegas followed by a long overdue trip to Coeur d'Alene to visit Bj and Korrine and see their new house. The trip to Vegas was more than a vacation as I was able to attend the NIKE Coaching Clinic and listen to several of the top college coaches talk about their programs and demonstrate all kinds of plays and drills. After Vegas, we flew north to Spokane where Bj picked us up and drove us to his new home. The house was great, but little ruckus stole the limelight. He is about as playful as a kitten can be.

Jane rests her heavy shopping bag near Bellagio gardens

Steve rests his heavy rear end near the indoor Bellagio gardens

Bj and I hiked on a beautiful trail along the lake

A pretty stop to rest (huff! ... puff!)

I don't care who or where you are, that there is a big tree! Notice the "Stairway to Heaven" catwalk going up and around the tree.

Just chillin with the children

<-- Bj likes to "drive" into his garage. Garage is detached, so no noise in the house during basketball practice.

Flowers for Mothers Day

<-- Korrine and Jane on new rock path in back yard.

Mother Nurture at it again
Why is Jane in a bathtub? Why not?

<-- Steve and Beej get to cooking. I prefer the cracker, cream cheese, smoked salmon ensemble. Bj prefers it all in one big bite.

Bjorn and Jane pose -->
on the boardwalk that encircles about zillion million dollars of high class boats.